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Martes, Hulyo 19, 2011

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has been legendary for thousands of years and has much biblical and historical significance. The fact that it's the lowest point on the face of the earth - 400 meters below sea level - and the abundance of health enhancing minerals in the water, made The Dead Sea a famous and exhilarating destination throughout history. King David, Jesus, King Herod and Cleopatra - queen of ancient Egypt all were closely linked to The Dead Sea. The beautifying abilities of the minerals present in the sea were also stuff of legends and many people traveled to the sea through the ages to find out that it is indeed true - Dead Sea salt and minerals do enhance skin beauty, skin youth as well as help numerous skin and joint ailments, including psoriasis, eczema and acne.
The Dead Sea is most famous for the powerful beautifying and rejuvenating effect that products made with it's minerals provide for people seeking to improve their skin look and health. The most popular products are bath salts and Dead Sea mud which not only make some of the best, dead sea products in the world, but have also been clinically proven to relieve such skin ailments as psoriasis, acne, eczema and other problems such as joint inflammation, arthritis and skin blemishes. Dead Sea cosmetics are also very legendary for their anti aging effects, helping clear up and smooth out wrinkles and facial lines.
But the rejuvenating minerals present in the Dead Sea is not the only thing the area is widely known for. In 1947 a couple of young shepherds climbed into a cave on the shores of the sea to find a runaway goat. Inside they found sealed tubes with what became known as The Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls contained psalms and testaments that were not present in the Bible and with some believed to be written by legendary Biblical kings and prophets. To this day some people dispute the authenticity of the Scrolls while others consider them to be a true extension of the Old Testament.
The town of Jericho, Israel, which is based north of the Dead Sea is the oldest continuous know human city still occupied today. Other towns on the shores of the sea are very popular among tourists who come to relax and improve skin health at the many spas and mud baths located around The Dead Sea.

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